The Watcher. ⭐️⭐️

The Watcher by Tara Crescent

My rating: 2 of 5 stars.

It is not the darkness in him that I fear. It is the darkness in me.  

Her mother is seriously ill. Her job is tiring and stressful. There is darkness within her, a craving for pain and raw, hard sex. The mysterious Club Phoenix offers Kelly Mitchell all these things. 

But surrendering control at the doors of the dungeon is an addictive feeling and with each visit, she falls further and further into oblivion. 

All she has to protect her are her safe words and the carefully intent eyes of the Watcher. He is Kelly’s lifeline. 

But will the Watcher catch her before she loses herself completely? Will he keep her safe? 

Will she even want him to? 

The Watcher

Didn’t like this one much!

I don’t understand why some BDSM books portray either the lifestyle or what goes on in the sex clubs so differently than others. Some make it all seem so much about trust between the participants and pain and pleasure, and the men giving the women orgasm after orgasm. Other times it is all about female degradation and shaming and making them crawl on the floor and beg and calling them awful names. I can’t see who would sign up for that.

This book tries to show Kelly’s reasons for becoming addicted to going to this sex club. I can technically see how someone with a hard life such as she has would want to be a submissive now and then to let someone else take charge and not have to think or make any decisions. But if you are taking care of a Mother with early onset Alzheimer’s, dealing with possibly having the gene for it yourself, working a high stress job and other things like that, wouldn’t you want to be taken care of instead of treated like crap?

Anyway the watcher part is pretty hot, though the ending leaves a lot to be desired. Just not my cup of tea.


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