Release Blitz: Love & Other Accidents: A Love and Laughs Novel

Title: Love & Other Accidents: a Love and Laughs Novel
Author: Jackie Walker
Genre: Steamy RomCom
Release Date: November 23, 2021
Cover Design: Kim Bailey at Bailey Cover Boutique
Cover Photography: CJC Photography
Cover Model: Dominic Calvani

Something about Nick O’Malley gives my middle finger a boner — despite his sexy Irish accent, which seems to give my nips boners (but that’s beside the point).

I’m not sure why I can’t stand him. It might be the man bun. Or the arrogant way he speaks to me. Maybe it’s the way he looks at me like he’s starving, and I’m an adorable snack cake.

Well, F that! I might be small and delicious, but I am not on the menu — for him or anyone else.

When my naughty pup causes a slight fender bender, the cocky dog trainer claims he knows just what I need, and much to my dismay, he’s right. And if you ever tell him I said that, I’ll junk punch you.

But now, the more time I spend with him, the more I start to see a different side of him. Maybe all those explosive words between us were more like fireworks.

I can’t act on this simmering attraction, no matter how tempting it may be. Aside from being off the D, the threatening text messages and unwanted “gifts” showing up remind me why staying clear of Nick is necessary. He’s not safe if he’s stays because a stupid accident from my past is still haunting me.

Except Nick doesn’t back away from threats. And shockingly enough, he has a protective side I find incredibly hot. But the longer he stays with me, the more danger he’s in.

I may have dented his bumper, but I can’t risk the damage I’ll do to his life… or his heart.

★★★★★ Amazon Review – “Jackie Walker has done it again! I don’t know how she does it, but each book by her has gotten better.”
★★★★★ Amazon Review – “The perfect read to wrap up the Amos family series”

One day during the COVID quarantine (a.k.a. the dark time), Jackie was reading yet another laugh a minute rom-com by Lucy Score or Pippa Grant, and she thought to herself – hey, I can do that. And so, she did and it turned out even better than even she thought possible.

Jackie is a fresh face on the romance author scene destined to shake things up with her signature blend of light-hearted comedy, over the top characters and romantic heartwarming moments. A voracious romance reader herself, Jackie writes stories featuring the four S’s: Snark, Swoons, Steam and Sarcasm. Her heroines are bad-ass and her heroes are easy on the eyes and heavy on the charm.

When she is not writing funny stories about swoony heroes and the women who get to play with them, she is reading all types of romance novels or taking care of her army of cats and her teenage son (who also speaks fluent sarcasm).


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