Yellow Thorns, (Thorns Duet, #0.5)

Yellow Thorns by Rina Kent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blurred. Wrong. Taboo.

It wasn’t supposed to happen. Not the first look.

Not the first kiss.

And definitely not the first run.

But it did.

She ran for it.

And now, my beast will come out to play.

Yellow Thorns is a prequel of the Thorns Duet and is not standalone.

Yellow Thorns

Prequel setting the stage!

This is a quick little prequel to the Thorns Duet which just sets the stage for the next book. The heroine Naomi, is a Wealthy Japanese American college student who is on the cheerleading squad because her mother wants her to make friends, and her mother worked hard to bring her up without a father so she is a cheerleader even though she hates most of the girls on the squad.

The leader of the squad is Reina Ellis (from the Lies & Truths duet) and this takes place just before that book starts. Reina likes to have her inner circle (including the football players) take on dares that she hands out and this time she dares Sebastian Weaver, the star quarterback.

This book was good, but I am sure the highlights of the story will re-appear in Red Thorns so it is probably not necessary to read this one first.


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