Audiobook Review: Peep Show by Isabella Starling. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Peep Show by Isabella Starling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She’s stripping.

I’m watching.

She’s playing.

I’m watching.

She’s mine, I’m coming…

Bebe Hall is a heartbreaker. She’s the it girl of the moment, a partygirl nobody can stop in her path of self destruction. Bebe Hall isn’t the star of her own story.

She’s the star of mine.

My name is Miles O’Reilly. I’m a photographer. An agoraphobic. A millionaire. A womanizer. I’m confined to my apartment. I don’t leave. Ever.

But when she sees me with my latest online conquest in the window of my apartment, my attention shifts to Bebe.

And once I see something I want, I don’t give up until it’s mine.


Peep Show

I hated it at first, but am glad I stuck with it!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Narration: 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧
Romance: 💋💋💋💋
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📙📕📗📘
World building: 🌎🌏🌍🌎
Character development: 👨🏻👱🏻‍♀‍🧔🏻👩🏻

The heroine: Bebe Hall – she is a party girl of the first order, the “it” girl on the clubbing scene. She goes out to dance, get drunk and pick up guys on the regular. She is beautiful but insecure. She uses booze, drugs, and men to forget and block out the horrible thoughts in her head.

The Hero(es): Miles Reilly – He is agoraphobic and has OCD. He has a fear of germs that is so bad he bathes with bleach in the water. He is a famous photographer and an alpha dominant. He likes to ruin girls and then take their picture, and he has no problem getting volunteers.

The Story: Bebe and Miles see each other through their respective windows while each of them are in a compromising position and both keep watching night after night. They quickly end up talking on the phone and both want more, but Miles doesn’t ever leave his apartment and doesn’t want Bebe to know about his issues.

I picked this book because I like very dark books with dominant men and taboo situations. Though I almost threw it in my DNF pile early on. Both main characters were with other people multiple times before they meet in person and watched each other through their windows.

I don’t know if I am getting to be a bit of a prude in my advancing age or maybe I am becoming a germaphobe. I just don’t like it much when the main characters sleep around a lot. Also I didn’t like Miles at first because he was the kind of dominant that calls the woman crass names and demeans them. I know a lot of people like that but I am not a fan.

Though it wasn’t long before I really started to like both characters. Miles was so damaged and knew that his phobia’s were ruling his life and that the things he does would probably put him in the nut house if anyone knew the extent.

Bebe is just at damaged but in a different way. One of her two best friends died over six months ago of a drug overdose and she is doing everything she can to forget. She is spinning out of control and she knows it but can’t stop. These two damaged people come together and it is over the top dark and steamy.

I really enjoyed both narrators. Z.A. Martin had the perfect voice for Miles, it was deep and not too refined, he even had a hint of a lisp, though not bad enough to detract from his allure. He might be a wealthy photographer but he sounded natural when cursing or talking about sex. Some male narrators sound to stiff and stilted when they are reading that kind of thing. Lauren Sweet has a great voice for a female protagonist, not too young sounding and not too old, with enough intelligence to fit the character.


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