Audiobook Review: Fractured (Vampire Awakenings, #6). ⭐️⭐️

Fractured by Brenda K. Davies

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Freed from the chains and the vampires that once held her, Mia struggles every day to come to terms with her captivity and the aftermath of what she endured.


Knowing that she can’t stand the touch of another, David will do whatever he can to help Mia while she tries to figure out who she is now, and how to handle the deepening bond between them.


However, just when Mia starts to think that she may be able to find happiness again with David, a danger she never knew existed rises up and threatens to take it all away from her once more.


A rare two stars for me!

I am going to do a quick and dirty review on this one because I didn’t like it and I don’t actually read many books I don’t like. I listened to the Audiobook of this last night and though the narration was fine, I just didn’t like the characters.

The heroine was this weak woman that couldn’t stop whining through the entire thing and I just couldn’t find anything redeeming about her. It was over and over hearing her say things like, “he should be with someone who is whole not someone broken like me!”. By half way through I just wanted to smack her upside the head…


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