Ice Cover Reveal

Ivy Nelson
(Diamond Doms, #5)
Publication date: September 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Samuel Carter has put one mission above all else. Until he takes down the terrorist organization that destroyed his family, all other plans and dreams are on ice. That’s why he walked away from Solitaire, the home that allowed him to meet his carnal needs and the friends who were more like family.

Erin Green just helped elect Annette Ware to the senate, and as her reward the senator named her chief of staff. Her first task is to help the senator make a splash by launching an investigation into rumors of an elite military unit operating in secret. She wasn’t expecting that task to lead her to Samuel, the hot as sin former marine with a penchant for Brioni suits. Now she has to figure out how to do her job and explore this new attraction at the same time.

Samuel wasn’t expecting to find Erin so damn attractive. Especially since she seemed to want him out of a job. That should make her repulsive. She’s a threat to everything he’s worked for. And yet, he just heard himself invite her to dinner and he has every intention of making her breakfast in the morning.

Dinner leads to more, and now they’re faced with a choice. Continue on their current paths, a choice that would guarantee they’ll never be together, or forge a new path that could see all of their lifelong goals and dreams dead.

Dangerous threats and the underbelly of Washington politics threaten to take the choice away and destroy them both. They must work together to survive.

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Author Bio:

Ivy Nelson is an emerging contemporary romance author, hopeful romantic, and passionate advocate who is versed in all things steamy, sultry, and sensual. It all started back when she read her first steamy romance novel at the age of fourteen. From that point forward, it became her favorite genre–one she wanted to write in herself someday. Sylvia Day’s writing style cemented that passion, and gave her just the inspiration she needed to be an author herself. In December of 2018, Ivy published her debut novel, Power Desired at the age of 32.

Most recently, Ivy completed the “D.C. Power Games” series and the prequel to her forthcoming “Diamond Doms series” titled “Hard” (currently available for pre-order). In a not-so-distant past, she was a student affairs professional at a university and earned her political science degree, which explains her politically-driven romance debut.

When she isn’t penning steamy scenes or attending writing conferences, you can find this contest-winning karaoke singer and bookworm passionately supporting human rights or growing her Sims 4 empire. She is also a wine aficionado and certified whiskey taster (no really, she has the certificate to prove it). All that aside, Ivy loves spending quality time with her amazing son and husband of three years at their home in Houston, TX.

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