Hard Wood (Hard n’ Dirty, #3). ⭐️⭐️

Hard Wood by Tara Crescent

My rating: 2 of 5 stars.

Cat Milnick’s Summer To-Do List 

1. Get my new brewpub up and running. 

2. Ignore the wickedly handsome Dom Wilde and his kinky furniture. 

3. No more carpenter puns. Screw and hammer. Tongue and groove. Nail gun. 

4. Focus on the beer. 

5. Remember: If I fail, I’ll have to go back to working for my evil ex-boyfriend. 

6. Don’t get turned on when Dom calls me his little spitfire in his sexy, smoky growl. 

And above all, don’t get too attached to his…ahem…‘hard wood.’ 

Hard Wood

Standard formulaic romance!

This is pretty much your standard romance where the guy has commitment issues because his father left him when he was a kid. He only has short sexual relationships with women and lets them know the score ahead of time, so if they get other ideas or want happily to ever after from him, then it is not his problem. He told them it would only be sex when they started.

“One of my recurring nightmares is that a woman has moved into my apartment without me having any recollection of how it happened. I’ve always woken up from that particular dream, my palms sweating and my pulse racing.”

Catherine (Cat) moves to town to open up a new Brew Pub And soon meets Dominic (Dom). The attraction is immediate and he lets her know from the beginning that he is not a good man and he could only offer her sex. Cat is extremely busy and stressed out and takes what Dom is offering in order to de-stress.

Like the formula goes, it’s not long before both parties start to feel the love for each other though and that is where the complications begin since neither wants to admit their feelings have changed.


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