Chasing The Idol Book Blitz

TITLE: Chasing The Idol

SERIES: Infamous, #1

AUTHOR: Ivy Wild

Release Date: June 20, 2020


Sophie Strong and Connor Driscoll used to be the closest of friends during college. That is, until Sophie was discovered and became a huge pop sensation, leaving her life and Connor behind. 

But all that glitters isn’t gold. 

And now she’s back in D.C. Just when Connor thought he was finally over her. 

He was so wrong.

Chasing the Idol is the first book in the Infamous Trilogy


Dedicated to the empowerment of women through the cultivation of sexual energy, Ivy Wild brings you romance dominated by powerful men, steamy encounters and tantalizing climaxes.

Even today, there is still so much sexual repression that exists and one of the easiest ways to challenge this is through romantic fiction. Sexual energy is life force energy! However you choose to cultivate it, the effort is not wasted!

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