Crazy Sexy Love. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Crazy Sexy Love by Alison G. Bailey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sophie is an intelligent independent woman. After her parents’ divorce when she was a child, Sophie tossed the idea of “happily ever after” out the window. No personal attachments or commitments is the way she lives her life. After her best friend, Bryson reunited with her soulmate Hart, Sophie is forced to allow his friends into her world. Luckily, she is fond of her new circle of friends, except when it comes to one handsome, six foot, green eyed buffoon who won’t take no for an answer… Doug Truman.

Doug is everything women want in a man. He is a self-described hottie, very witty, and quite the charmer. He can’t imagine any woman not wanting his attention. And they do. The problem is, Doug has a very short attention span, except when it comes to one woman… Sophie Cipriano. At first all he wanted was one night, thinking it would be enough to shake his obsession. If only his best friend, Hart, hadn’t deemed Sophie off limits. Now Doug can’t get her off his mind or out of his system. 

When they met, they were enemies. When their best friends got married, they were acquaintances. When they became roommates, they got to be friends. And when they were friends, neither realized what was happening until it was too late.

Crazy Sexy Love

Sweet and sexy rom-com that had me ROFLMAO!

I have read the “roommates fall in love” trope quite a few times and I love it. This one, though wasn’t your standard roommates romance. Douglas MacArthur Truman and Sophie Giavanna Cipriano have known each other for over five years. Doug’s best friend Hart is married to Sophie’s best friend Bryson, so they both are now in the same group of friends that get together fairly often.

Sophie has always been annoyed by Doug and his childish antics, thinking him of him as a sort of dumb jock frat boy that never really grew up. She also acknowledges that Doug is very hot and though she often disparages his constant flirting and attention, she likes it a bit as well. Since most of the group is paired off Doug and Sophie often end up together and are constantly bantering. A few times have come close to hooking up but something has always stopped them.

When Doug’s condo is flooded from the floor above, he is forced to find a place to live temporarily and he comes to Sophie for help. She lets him stay and the rest of the book is the two of them getting to know each other better, as friends and later in the biblical sense.

The book is an awesome amalgamation of a hot steamy romance building between two friends that both have never been in any sort of relationship before and a surprisingly hilarious romantic comedy. I actually have sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard. I was surprised this book is not rated higher because I thought it was so great. Then I looked at the reviews and the few I had seen that rated the book 3 stars said that it was hilarious and one of the funniest they had read. I am not sure why the 3 stars then.

The steamy scenes are not as explicit as in some romance novels, but there are more than a few of them which I liked and I didn’t have to wait until 70% of the book was over to get to one, so that was another big plus in my book. Though to tell you the truth, this one was so charming and hilarious I would give it a 5 star review just for the laughs. Since laughing is so good for the soul, it certainly improved my mood. Also I just love funny guys, and Doug turns out to be much more than just funny. He is a stellar book boyfriend!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


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    • This book will do that. often when a book is so funny, I wonder if it is just because I am in a mood to laugh or is it actually as funny as I think and after reading other reviews, I am sure it is as funny as I thought. All the reviews I read said that they thought it was hilarious.


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