Take Me Vol. 1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Take Me Vol. 1 by C.J. Thomas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

Painting was my expertise, but his angled sculpture just begged to be polished. 

It was my debut art show where I first laid eyes on billionaire Gavin Trapp. His intense stare and hard angles had me laying down the brush in lieu of the tool he had pressed up against my abdomen. He was a masterpiece and I’d be sure to test his stamina and see just how hard he really was. 

There would be no tapping out tonight. This billionaire had no choice but to take me. 

Take Me


I should have looked closer at this book when I grabbed it out of my “Short Reads” Folder in my Kindle. I knew it was Book one but a lot of times you can still get a decent amount of the story in book one. Not that this wasn’t a good story. The writing was good and the story was also good. My problem with this one was that I wanted to read a short book last night before bed because I had an hour to kill and I didn’t want to start anything big.

However, I knew I would be starting something else today so I didn’t want to get into the entire five boo serial. However this entire book was about this couple, Violet and Gavin, that meet at Violet’s art gallery on the night of her opening show and they are very attracted to each other and decide to have a one night stand.

Though they can’t leave until after the show and after party since the entire night is for Violet and she has to be there. So the whole night is them flirting with each other and getting more and more interested and hot for each other and then the book ends right when they get to Gavin’s place.

This is what I hate about these short serial reads. Plus it takes almost as long to write the review and post it everywhere as it does to read the book. But I am dedicated. I think it is available in a box set, so that would be the best way to read this. Just all at once. I will check that out. 🙂


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