In To Her. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In to Her by J.A. Huss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

How she came to us doesn’t matter.

Why she’s here. Doesn’t matter.

Yvette Nightingale has something we need. We were not meant to be soul mates. We were not meant to be lovers, or friends, or partners looking for answers.

We were just going to use her up, throw her away, and leave her behind.

But we made a mistake. We fell for her. We fell for the way our bodies move as one and the way we come together at night. We fell for her smile, and her eyes, and the soft moans spilling past her lips when we take her together.

We’re in to her.

But will she be in to us once she learns the truth?

In To Her

Surprising. I really enjoyed the ending.

I wasn’t liking this book so much in the beginning but I liked the dynamic between the three characters so I kept reading and was pleasantly surprised. It starts out like this: Two men walk into a bar… Actually AJ and Logan are Hitmen working for a Mafia type guy named Damon. They have been watching Yvette for a few weeks to she if she has something she stole from Damon when she ran away. She was married to him and is hiding out in the mountains, working at a bar.

At this point Damon has figured she doesn’t have what he is looking for and has told the guys to kill her. The reason I really wasn’t liking the book at first was that it is an erotic romance with a lot of hot sex between these three and I get that they can get all ménage and steamy without being in love, but I thought the back story of how awful Damon was to her was a bit too much.

Why not just make him an abusive and possessive ex.? Instead He used to let his relatives and bodyguards rape her violently. It seems to me that she wouldn’t be so quick to start up a threesome if she had a past like that. Also it seemed to me like they were snowed in for like 3 or 4 days, but later they said it was only one day. I was surprised at that.

“I need a shower,” he says, sitting all the way up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. And then he walks off towards the en suite bathroom, teal-green butt vibrator sticking out of his ass.
“For fuck’s sake!” I yell. “I can’t unsee that, you dick.”

Anyway, despite my above issues, I continued to read because the story interested me and I needed to find out if Logan would kill her or not. I am not going to give away spoilers but there are other plot twists and secrets I needed to know about. I was not disappointed. The ending was quite the tear jerker for a ménage book. Though maybe I cry more easily than the average reader. In the end the book was redeemed. It was quite a steamy romance and the story was a solid four stars.


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