Their Kingdom Come (The Sinners of St. Amos, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Their Kingdom Come by Logan Fox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

We’re ready to die for the sins of our fathers, but is she? 

Zac, Apollo, Cassius, Reuben

They told us we were the cure.

That we were special.

That we were pure.

It was all a lie.

We were just like all the others they defiled, abused, neglected.

We formed a brotherhood and vowed to have our revenge. Now no one stands in our way.

No one, except one girl.

Trinity Malone doesn’t know about our past.

She doesn’t have a say in our future.

At least, so we thought.

Until we realized Trinity’s exactly who we were looking for.

She’s our secret weapon.

Soon, she’ll be seeking revenge…

Just like us.

Their Kingdom Come

So wrong but yet so right!

Logan Fox has brought the bully romance to a catholic school for boys. The tone is definitely dark, the bullying is over the top and the mystery behind it is utterly fascinating. We have heard it all before and we suspect what is going on from the very beginning. It is a catholic school and the blurb spells out that there are four boys bent on revenge, so it isn’t hard to guess at what might be going on.

Trinity, a newly orphaned daughter of a parish priest has come to stay with the Provost of the St. Amos Catholic Boarding School for boys. A former Bishop, Father Gabriel was a lifelong friend of her parents that she considers an uncle. He is now her guardian and has enrolled her in the school and she will be the only girl in the school.

You always think that victims of abuse should be the last ones to be even coming close to sexually harassing or abusing someone else. But we know in reality they are the ones most likely to do it. So it really isn’t surprising the way these four guys end up treating Trinity when they see her as a possible wrench in their revenge plan.

The four guys meet in secret and they all came to the school at different times and don’t interact with each other in front of others. Cassius is a hallway monitor, he is tall and lean and gets away with leaving his shirt unbuttoned and having his tie askew. He looks like a fashion model but he cornered Trinity the first time he met her. Reuben is tall, wide, muscular and menacing. One look from him can have her shaking.

Apollo is handsome with long blonde hair that he is always trying to move out of his eyes and he is always filming Trinity with a video camera. It makes her nervous and she doesn’t know what to think of him. Then there is Brother Zachary, her psychology teacher is only a few years older than her eighteen years and tall dark and handsome, she has trouble concentrating in class.

After the guys find out that Trinity has some connection to Father Gabriel they set out to try to get her to leave the school. They go all out and the sparks start to fly. Leading towards an explosive ending that I didn’t expect, but thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait for more!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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