Prince Of Obsession (Dracula’s Bloodline, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Prince of Obsession by Ana Calin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Carpathian prince Radek the Handsome no longer turns into a monster at nightfall. But does that make him any less wicked than his brother, Lord Dracula? 

Three nights before their wedding, reporter Juliet Jochs storms out of Prince Radek’s castle, determined never to return. Five years later, she makes a terrible discovery—the true reason why Radek broke her heart, and its connection to Dracula. 

The Prince and Juliet meet face to face again when he comes on business to her city. He tries to keep cool when she probes his shady dealings, but his craving for her grows obsessive and even dangerous, striking with a vengeance after their time apart. Stalking her from behind mirrors at night, he can barely contain his lust. But can he afford to lose control now that he’s so close to attaining the very goal for which he sacrificed Juliet years ago?

Prince Of Obsession

Totally freakin’ awesome!

I loved this book! I was getting so excited while reading it that I was practically jumping around wanting to tell someone how good it was. The story is so original and well written that I couldn’t wait for one minute to the next to see what would happen. It was sort of a mix between Bram Stokers Dracula and the Da Vinci Code. Except instead of looking for the Holy Grail, they are looking for the Unholy Grail, or Dracula’s Grail as they call it in the book.

The book is so good that the sex scenes are almost too dirty, but I am not complaining because Radek is hot and his love and obsession with Juliet is core to the story. Also I like dirty and steamy romance as much as I like a great original story where I am not able to predict what will happen before it actually occurs. This series has all that and more.

“You are gaining a lot of followers online though, like some new and shiny Kardashian, but I guess that’s not your dream in life, is it? Because if it is, this is the time to start your own YouTube channel. Expect quite a flood of dick pics, too.”


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