Prince Of Blood (Dracula’s Bloodline, #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Prince of Blood by Ana Calin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Dracula exists.

For centuries he’s been lurking in the underworld, searching for the one woman whose blood can make him invincible–

Dracula’s Grail.

A shadow stalks librarian Ruxandra Len, a demonic power from a past she can’t remember. Intrigued when she discovers that her bloodline leads back to the notorious Prince Dracula, she travels to the Carpathians to learn more. But what she finds is a truth darker than legend.

The Prince of Blood fascinates Rux. His dark energy weaves a web of enchantment around her, making her crave him. But just as the Dark Lord thinks she’s ready to surrender her blood, the deepest shadow of her past emerges. Can Vlad Dracula defeat an even older, darker legend, and protect the woman who means the world to him in more ways than he likes to admit? 

Prince Of Blood

Dracula’s story was awesome!

This series gets better and better. Though I wish I knew before I started that a fourth book was in the works. I might have waited. Luckily, it will only be a few weeks before it comes out. I can’t wait. This story between Rux and Dracula was the best so far.

Of course we know from the previous books that his plan is to drink all her blood and then he will be immune from the sun and silver, basically making him the most powerful immortal ever. A little bit of her blood only would give him immunity for short periods of time, he has to drain her for it to be permanent. This is why Radek and Juliet adopted her and took her away after finding her.

When they found her she had the knowledge and memories of all of her ancestors as well as powers that were destroying her. Juliet and the witch Magda, whom Rux know as her Grandmother, cut off that knowledge for her survival and she believes herself to be a regular human. Though she thinks she is cursed since every man that dates her gets into some sort of accident or dies.

Until a man approaches her and tells her a story about how her bloodline may be involved in the curse and how it might be related to Dracula and his original wife who has the same name as her. From that point the story gets better and better. The romance between Rux and Dracula could not be better and the storyline, suspense, drama and intrigue is all that. I love it.


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