Roommate Material. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m here to work, not hook-up. But why can’t I stop staring at my new roommate’s hot-as-hell body? 


It’s taken years of toil and sacrifice to get here: New York City. 

My goal is my career. To prove myself. To climb the ladder. 

The last thing I need is a man. 

But when my apartment falls through and I end up staying with my friend’s super-rich, super-ripped brother Alex, the temptation is overwhelming. 

I’m strong, I remind myself. I can resist him. 

Can’t I? 


I love playing the hero to a damsel in distress. 

So when I get the call from Tia I say yes right away. 

I answer the door expecting to see a timid, lost girl. 

I couldn’t be more wrong. 

Tia’s feisty, confident, and damn sexy. 

She doesn’t need me to be her hero. 

She doesn’t need me at all. 

And it makes me so much more determined to get her.

Roommate Material

Roommate Material by Nicole Casey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

Cute roommate romance.

This was a pretty short little insta-love story between wealthy Alex who is a Lawyer at his father’s top Manhattan law firm and Harvard Law graduate Tia who recently moved to the city to work at a rival law firm (where Alex’s ex happens to work).

Alex rarely works, preferring to live a life of luxury. Though Tia is a hard worker and determined to pay off her student loans as soon as she can. When she gets kicked out of her current apartment, Alex comes to the rescue and has her move in with him.

Alex is fond of playing the white knight to damsels in distress. The romance is quick as is the book and everything ends well for all. I give this a 3.5 star rating.


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