The Executioner: Part Two (Superpowers Romance #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Executioner: Part Two by Ana Calin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

He’s a cold-blooded killer, Alice Preda said. 

Then she sided with those who would hunt him down. But Damian “The Executioner” Novac discovered his protégé’s betrayal and seduced her to make her pay. To him, it was about power as he parted Alice’s thighs for the first time, and crushed her lips under his own. To her, it was about secret love. 

His enemies will try to use Alice against him again, Damian says. To keep her under control, he takes her to his manor by the Black Sea. But Alice has a special talent buried in her psyche, a Trojan horse his enemies unlocked. Soon, it’ll melt the Executioner’s defenses from the inside, opening the way for his antagonists to finish him. But as she goes discovering the story behind the Executioner’s “making” Alice must wonder – has she chosen sides wisely? 

The Executioner: Part Two

Fantastic book about people with superpowers.

The story held my interest throughout the entire book, it had a lot of action and suspense and was completely unexpected. I liked that Damien is constantly protecting Alice even though she seems to be in the process of “upgrading”.

You never really know what is happening with Alice. You know she is getting more beautiful and guys are noticing her more. Also every once in a while Alice experiences some odd event where she hears an inner voice. So it is exciting to see what her superpower will be.

“And Suzana? How did she react when she saw… the mess?”
His arms coiled around me, gluing my back to his chest. “You don’t want to know that.”
I became alert, and my body stiffened. “You said you wanted me to know it all, from you. You said you wanted my trust.”
He took a deep breath, as if giving up. “She wanted sex right there and then.”
My brain caught fire. I barely refrained from turning, and took a break to calm down before I spoke.
“And what did you do?”
“I refused, Alice, of course. I may be a monster, but I’m not a psychopath.”


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