Beats (Hard Rock Harlots, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beats by Kendall Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

For months, shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall, dark, and scary bandmate, Toombs Badcock. Drawn to his frightening ink and scars, she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets lurking behind his silver eyes, but Jinx is too intimidated to even look at him, let alone talk to him.

When she stumbles upon Toombs and their manipulative lead guitarist Rax in a compromising position, Jinx realizes her chances of winning Toombs’s heart aren’t just a long shot—they’re nonexistent. To make matters worse, Jinx’s family needs her at home. She’s about to back away from it all—Toombs, the band, her dreams of fame and fortune—when Rax makes her an offer she can’t refuse: a no-holds-barred night alone with Toombs. There’s one small catch. She has to go through Rax to get it.


Great Rock Star Romance!

Drummer Jinx Hardwick has been in love with her band mate, Toombs Badcock for months and for a while he seemed to be drawn to her. Until one night she caught him in a compromising situation with another male band mate Rax, and she realized that her chances with Toombs were very slim indeed.

However, one night they invited her to join them and she realized that in order to have a chance with Toombs she would have to do so via Rax. The story is complex because she finds out that Rax and Toombs have known each other since high school and Rax helped Toombs through some very difficult times.

Rax helped Toombs understand that he was not a freak and kept him sane when he might have wanted to die. But now Jinx believes Rax is just using Toombs and things are all messed up because she loves Toombs, Toombs loves Rax, and Rax loves her. The story sounds complex and a bit smutty but it is actually a good story with some real emotions, and some good humor. I enjoyed it quite a bit.


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