Legend (Sinister Fairy Tales). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Legend by M.R. Leahy

5 out of 5 stars.

Far, far away, hidden on Insula Sacra—Island of the Accursed— lives a forgotten world of man and beast.

Damned by the Gods, and forced to live in everlasting darkness, they continue to fight a war that has long since been buried in time.

With each rise and fall of the cursed moon, they are reminded of all they’ve lost. 

Desperate for freedom, they await the night the one true king will rise to power and free them from the curse.

The King, however, cannot rise without his Queen—both blessed with the mark of the Gods, they must end the war to save them all.

Or so the legend says…


A dark and steamy take on the Legend of Tarzan and Jane!

When I first saw the pictures of Alexander Skarsgard and his new abs in the early trailers for the latest Tarzan movie and heard that Margot Robbie was playing Jane I was excited to see it. I was very disappointed in the result. Though, I must say they do make the perfect characters for this book. Karzan has Long blonde hair and lots of muscles like Skarsgards’s Tarzan and Janey has red hair similar to Robbi’s strawberry blonde as Jane in the movie.

The biggest mistake that most of these Tarzan movies make is having too many “civilized characters” and taking Tarzan back to England to be “Civilized”. He is the King of the Jungle for a reason and that is where he belongs. That is one of the many things this book does right. It keeps Karzan and Janey in the Jungle. Also it is quite steamy which I like in books, and it also has a dark curse.

Rather than Karzan’s parents dying in the Jungle as missionaries leaving him as a baby to be raised by jungle animals. In this retelling, Karzan’s father’s people are shifters and the shifters are at war with the humans who are his Mother’s people. The King (Karzan’s Father) gets a prophecy from the Gods on what will end the war and bring peace. It is told to him that they are not better than humans because they can shift into beasts. He is to go find his mate who is a human and their child will bring about peace along with a chosen one.

However, the King’s evil brother will never believe that they are not better than humans and overthrows and kills the King. Though the Queen gets away and raises Karzan in her old village with humans, while the Gods put a curse on the Island for many years it remains in darkness and the beasts cannot shift from their human forms. Some of them start going crazy.

I was very surprised when Janey and Karzan dreamed about each other at the beginning that his beast was a wolf. I figured he would be a gorilla since Tarzan has always been known for being raised by Gorillas. I was a bit disappointed at first. But it gets explained later in the story and I liked the way it is explained. I hope that does count as a spoiler. Overall I really enjoyed the book and will definitely read more of the sinister fairy tale collection and more by M. R. Leahy.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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