Instinct ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Instinct by Loki Renard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

I mistook him for a wild beast. Then he claimed me like one.

Though I was sent to scan this planet for human life, its inhabitants seem more like beasts than men to me. But now I’ve crash landed, and one of them has decided to take me as his mate…

He does not ask before he mounts me and he is far from gentle when he ruts me. But as this brute wrings one savage, screaming climax after another from my virgin body, I know it is not pain or fear that is compelling me to surrender myself to him so shamefully I may never stop blushing.

It is instinct.


Alpha alien claims human woman!

Space explorer Tselia crash lands on a planet that has human life as she was bringing her shuttle into the atmosphere to get a closer look. A group of female huntresses are about to kill her when the village alpha, Zion, steps in and claims her as his. This angers some of thee huntresses even more since he was the most sought after male in the village.

Tselia wasn’t supposed to be on the shuttle, her orders were to stay on the starship. She has gotten into trouble in the past while exploring unknown planets, so this was her last chance. Now Zion is not letting her return to her ship. The story is good, though the male dominance is a bit too high handed for my taste. He punishes her for just about everything. I sometimes want the woman to just say, “How would you like it if I did the same to you every time you do something I don’t like?” Though when it is for play, it can be sexy.


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