An Inconvenient Mate (Breeds, #17.5). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

An Inconvenient Mate by Lora Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Isabelle Martinez was instantly fascinated by the sexy Coyote Breed she met at the bar, but her sensual flirtation with him was cut short when she saw the man who’d attacked her arrive at the bar.

Breed enforcer Malachi Morgan was entranced by Isabelle’s mix of shyness and boldness, and he was determined to chase and play with his sensual prey. But he could tell she’d been hurt before by a man, and he vowed that Isabelle was now his to protect and love, even as if it meant going against her family and his orders.

This audiobook is sold individually while text formats are included in the Tied With A Bow anthology.

An Inconvenient Mate

I liked this one. Malachi was really hot

I generally don’t like insta-love but with mates, there is a decent reason for it so it is ok. I also like some of the other reviewers have been getting a little bored with the angst of does he love me does he not back and forth that sometimes goes on and on for a bit too long. I liked that Isabelle was shy but decided to be bold and put herself out there when she saw this hot breed in a bar.

I like the intrigue of Gideon, I thought that the guy they were after was going to be the one who nearly shot Cassie at Seth’s Party when Cassie dared him. But that was a Coyote and Gideon is a Bengal. This story does leave quite a few unanswered questions so I hope they get answered in the following books. The questions might be spoilers so I will hide them.

What is up with the 3 people the Nation has been hiding for so many years? Why are they hiding them from the breeds? The Nation knows the Council are the bad guys so why hide things from the breeds? Also are those three people the same 3 that the breeds were mentioning near the beginning? Why did Rule keep it a secret that he was related to Isabelle and the Tribal leaders? Is Gideon really related to anyone in the area? Ach… so many questions.


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