Broken Hill Hurt (Broken Hill High, #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Broken Hill Hurt by Sheridan Anne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

We had it all until we didn’t.

Nate Ryder has been the center of my world for the past few months. He’s cared for me, cherished me, and shown me a love I never even imagined could be real.

He was my rock when my father left and my voice when I didn’t have one. He was once my bully but now holds my heart in the palm of his hands, along with it, the power to destroy me.

We’ve face down every threat imaginable, and every single time, we’ve come out on top. But what happens when the threat is coming from within? What happens when our world literally goes up in flames and threatens to take my heart away?

When all the walls start closing in, he’s all I’ve got left but is what we have strong enough to survive? Or will this fairy tale come crashing down?

You know what they say; good things can’t last forever.

Broken Hill Hurt

Another good Broken Hill Book!

“Phoenix is one of the many cheerleaders at Broken Hill High and up until two weeks ago, she was the captain. She was demoted after it came out that she seduced Jesse and slept with him. Apparently, the whole incest thing got shrugged off and only frowned upon because it was Jesse, and to the cheerleaders, he and Nate are the ultimate prizes. I mean, their priorities are seriously fucked up. Jesse still hasn’t been able to get past that one, and I don’t blame him. If he had known they were half-siblings, he wouldn’t have done it.”

I liked it. The ongoing story of Tora and Nate, with Nate’s brother Jesse as the awesome sidekick. In this book, Nate’s troubles with Jackson are heating up after Jackson hit Nate’s car in the last street race and it was destroyed. Then Nate retaliated by blowing up Jackson’s car when Jackson wasn’t in it.

Tora – I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass
Jesse – Some babies were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown at a wall.
Tora – Does your ass get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth?
Jesse – I could eat a bowl of alphabet spaghetti and shit out a better come back than that.
“Damn it. He’s got me.”

Jackson is still trying to get Tora to go out with him. He keeps telling her he isn’t really a bad guy. That Nate is the one that started the war between them. Tora loves Nate though and is not interested. Of course there are other things that happen, but I won’t give away spoilers. The plot is good, the romance is YA, so not too steamy, but also not completely clean. There is also a good bit of humor.


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