Lawless (King, #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lawless (King, #3)

Lawless by T.M. Frazier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.


Thia’s lost it all. With no options left she turns to the biker she met as a kid to cash in the favor he swore to return all those years ago. 

Bear’s best friend is dead. His old man wants to put him to ground. 

He has bigger things on his mind than the pink-haired girl from the 

gas station he never thought he’d see again.

Until her battered body is tossed onto his doorstep. 

Keeping his promise to Thia means Bear has to be willing to risk everything, including his life…and what’s left of his heart. 

Thia’s bruised and battered.

Bear’s leather and lawless. 

It will never work between them.

It’s a lie they ALMOST believe


So awesome!

The cliffhanger ending is the best, and you don’t even mind that it is a cliffhanger, because by this point you already are so into the series that you plan to read them all.

This book is about Bear, the third in the trio of friends from childhood. King and Preppy met in school at age 11 and were best friends from that day forward when King rescued Preppy from a bully. Bear meets the two of them at age 14 when he gets in a all out brawl with King that just won’t end until they piss off Prep by getting dirt on him and he jumps in. They all end up laughing and are friends from that day forward.

At the start of this book Bear is wrecked, after failing to save Preppy from a bullet when on of his own MC brothers betrays them, he later is betrayed a second time at King’s house when Eli and his crew finds them and tortures him brutally leaving him with nightmares reliving the experience. Then he finally is given the ultimatum to help King or stay with his MC and since King has been more family to him than his father and brothers in the MC, he drops his Cut and leaves. But now the MC wants him dead and he doesn’t know who he is without the MC.

Thia is an 11 year old girl that Bear gave his ring and a promise to help anytime she needed him. She is now 18 and in a bad situation so she goes to the MC looking for Bear. Instead she gets the wrath of his father and is delivered to King bloody and battered as a sign to Bear. Bear remembers Thia and starts to feel for her, but they each have problems to overcome and the story gets complex and like I said, it ends very spectacularly.


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