His Taste (Pine Grove, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

His Taste (Pine Grove, #1)

His Taste by B.B. Hamel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

I got one taste of him and now I can’t stop. 

I know I should stay away from Case Hammett. First, there are the rumors: killer, thief, bastard. Then, there’s the fact that he’s a player and an a**hole. 

He’s notorious for a reason: handsome face, muscular body, enough money to own the entire town. The confident and cocky bastard is totally all-wrong for me, and I should be very afraid. 

But I take a job cleaning his house to help support my sick mother against my better judgement. And I was right to be nervous: he loves getting me down on all fours to scrub his floor. He’s always teasing, his hands on my skin, his cocky grin pushing my limits. 

Things seem fine on the surface, but there’s a darkness in his house that I can’t escape. 

I’m starting to think the rumors are true. 

But when his hands brush against my skin, I don’t care about anything else. I just need more of his taste, more of his body. 

He corners me in his bedroom and asks a simple question: Do you want me to take care of you? 

I’m terrified, but I think the answer is yes. If I can’t escape, I might not leave this house ever again. 

Welcome to Pine Grove, the darkest and dirtiest little small town in America! 

His Taste

A dark romance that actually is dark!

I liked this book, I think too often the term “dark romance” gets overused and I end up reading an erotic romance that isn’t really dark at all. I liked this one because it truly was dark. Eden gets a cleaning job at Hammett’s End, the home of the Hammett’s who are the richest family in town. There has always been rumors of what goes on at Hammett’s end, like little girls disappearing, murders, the house being haunted and more.

Case Hammett is now the head of the family and is about ten years older than Eden and very handsome. He starts telling her how much he desires her right away and the filthy things he would like to do to her. Within a few days he is doing some of those things and she is following his every command.

Though his sister and his butler are very strange and Eden gets very odd vibes from them, and she doesn’t know if she can completely trust Case either. The book is a pretty quick read (161 pages) and has some very steamy sex scenes.


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