Huge X 10 (Huge, #8). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Huge X10 (Huge #8)

Huge X10 by Stephanie Brother

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

My best friend has a harem, and I want one too! 

Laura is the world’s luckiest girl. She has ten perfect men and a life most people can only dream of. I love her to bits but I have to admit that I am pretty fluorescent with envy. Even my little fingers ache with jealousy. 

I consider advertising for men who would consider trying a poly-amorous relationship but dating sites are awful at the best of times and I’m not exactly looking for something standard. 

Then Laura and her 10 Men feature in a reality TV show and everything changes. 

Let’s just say there are men out there who want what the McGregor brothers have, and I might just be the girl for the job. 

Time to interview the gorgeous Jackson brothers and see if they’ve got what it takes to blow my mind and win my heart. 

Huge X 10

Verrry Interesting!

I thought the storylines were good and there was less smut in this than I expected. It was much more about family and the need for companionship than about wanting to actually have sex with ten different men, though there was a bit of that. Of course that part of the book was pure out of the realm of a fantasy that is just a bit ridiculous, but if you put that aside and read the book for fun’s sake it is actually pretty good.

The heroine, Danna wants a “harem” of ten men like her friend Laura has so she mentions it on Laura’s reality show and a mother of 10 adopted sons who run a ranch invites her to meet her sons. The mother is afraid the sons will all marry and leave or divorce and have to give parts of the ranch away. So she figures if they all have one wife they’ll all stay together with her.

Crazy premise but each of the sons has their own issues and quirks and getting to know them and getting them on board to the idea of the one wife thing is a challenge. So it is a fun story. Despite the crazy premise.


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