Hard Series Box Set: Bad Boys with Powers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

HARD Series Box Set: Bad boys with powers

HARD Series Box Set: Bad boys with powers by Chloe Fischer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

Four men with superpowers…  

A soldier, an assassin, a thief, and…an accountant. 

Four brothers, separated at birth, threatened by the organization that gave them their powers. 

They grew up not knowing about each other, or how to handle their secret abilities. 

A soldier, an assassin, a thief, and…an accountant. 

Each brother finds a woman that can complete them, and even make them stronger. Now they have to fight to keep these women at their sides. 

Ryder (the soldier), Xavier (the thief), Xander (the assassin), and Aiden…the holder of the baddest superpower of all. 

Will the brothers be able to put their distrust behind them, hold onto their women, and defeat Oculus once and for all? 

Hard Series Box Set

Big strong men with powers, what more could you ask for?

Drake Conway has special abilities and works for the Government, he has four young sons that have genetically inherited abilities and an evil anti-government group called Oculus wants to get ahold of the boys to run experiments on them. Drakes wife Shirley and the boys are hidden away for their own safety, but Drake misses them so one evening in 1989, he goes against protocol and drives to the safe house for dinner with his family.

Oculus operatives break in, shooting Shirley between the eyes, they shoot Drake multiple times as he shoots back, the four boys working together using their powers end up killing all the intruders. However, to keep his children safe, Drake has no choice but to send them away to separate families. He tells his second in command, Vance Berkeley not to tell him where they are until it is safe. But Vance is murdered by Oculus before that happens.

These four books happen approximately 28 years later when Drake finds each of his sons, and as each son finds the love of his life. Each book is very good and describes the specific power or ability that the son has and how he has been using it. A bit of a change from the standard vampire and shifter paranormal books we always see. I am definitely reading more of these.


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