Audiobook Review: Dark’s Savior (Dark World Mates, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dark’s Savior by Olivia Riley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A chance encounter can change everything.

When Aly joined the Grayhart mission to find advanced civilizations within deep space, she didn’t expect to be captured far from home and taken to Xolis–a galactic empire like none ever seen, ruled by the nillium–a powerful race with a serious god complex.

Now outsiders, Aly and her team of explorers are sent to the darkest place within Xolis: Lethe Maws. A mining city on a planet home to outcasts, slaves, and monstrous creatures lurking in the deep dark.

And home to the Dark One, a dangerous exile even the nillium fear, living at the bottom of the mines where all are warned never to go.

When Aly runs into the legendary alien in a very unlikely place, what she finds is no monster but a large, mysterious, nillium male with fierce silver eyes, who makes her heart race.

But though the nillium outcast had reached for her, desiring to touch her, fascinated by her as she was of him, Aly soon learns he’s not looking to be friends or possibly something more.

For what Aly doesn’t know is the Dark One–known by his kind as Ryziel, son of the nillium’s now dead ruler–isn’t looking for love or a mate. He’s looking to get off Lethe Maws for good and return home to his brother, the only family who accepts him for who he is, the only one who matters.

But the human woman brings out a darker part of him that he can’t control–something he never thought possible. As he is determined to escape, he struggles to understand his need for her. A need to protect her. A need to claim her. But determined not to let her get too close lest she be his undoing.

Try as he might to keep her at a distance, Aly will become the one thing Ryziel needs to be free.

Dark Savior

A dangerous existence!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Romance: 💚🖤💙❤️
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📘📙
World building: 🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍
Character development: ☺️😮🙂🥰😘
Narrator(s): 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Narration type: Dual Narration

The heroine: Aly – She was abducted by aliens while on a mission to find intelligent life in deep space. She was being studied by the Cillians who kept promising to eventually return her home, but for now they want her to work on a mining colony as slave labor. Aly will be given her own housing unit and supplies for the job along with the rest of her group on the cold dark planet of Lethe Maws. Only the Cillians and Nilliums were considered citizens of the Xolis empire.

The Hero: Ryziel (a.k.a. the Dark One) – He is a Nillium and worked deep in the mines on Lethe Maws. He has become something of a boogeyman among the people, feared by them and spoken about in whispers. He was the first son of the King and was banished by his father, though now that his father was dead, he plans to return to his home planet to challenge his uncle and be by his brothers side. He found an abandoned ship that he needed to fix and when complete, he will make his escape very soon.

The Story: Aly soon got used to working in the mines on Lethe Maws. The one thing that made working in the mines tolerable were the skin suits which were tight and thin, but kept her warm. He boss isn’t happy with her perpetual need to help others which is seen to be rude. He wants her to learn her place and to stay in her designated area.

Aly liked to look at the moon when she was out of the mines, while Ryziel rarely went above ground, though he needed to speak to the guy who was getting him the supplies needed to fix the ship. Aly feels someone watching her when she turns and sees an alien different from any she had seen before. They both feel a connection before he disappears in the shadows. Aly then realized that he was the one she had been warned about.

The story was good and it was original, though it seemed more like a standard alien romance. It wasn’t quite the thriller that the first book was, which I was kind of hoping for. The first book was so original and so good, that I was hoping for more like that. Though I did like the mining planet story, there were so many dangerous alien creatures deep in the mine, that it was quite a crazy existence.

This book was told in dual narration and was narrated by Jeffrey Kafer and Heather Costa. I have heard these two before and like their styles. Jeffrey has a deep voice which works well for alien romance and Heather’s voice sounds sort of hoarse, but it is soft and pleasant. Though her male voice sounds a bit like the minions.


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