Audiobook Review: Playboy King (Underworld Bride Trials, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Playboy King by Meg Xuemei X.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


She walks in on me banging another woman for sport.

Her blue eyes burn like twin suns at daybreak when they train on me.

One sniff in her direction, and I know she’s mine.

Ice to my pyre.

Scenting its fated mate, my wolf beast awakens for the first time and roars with hellfire.

Heat sears through my veins. I’ve never been so aroused by any other female.

But Tessa Morrigan can’t be my queen.

She came too late.

I’ve started the Underworld Bride Trials. All the contestants must fight to the death until the last one stands by my side to claim the crown.


Loki, the hot new boss of Hell, is hosting a bachelorette contest. He thinks it’s funny to have a troop of women fighting to the death over him.

But he doesn’t expect to attract the most lethal assassin and a rejected queen to his selection game. I didn’t come to ride the playboy king’s sexy body or be Queen of the Underworld. I promised Lucifer his son’s head on a gold platter.

I’ve been burned before and vowed never to let a handsome, powerful man touch me again. Yet when Loki and I lay eyes upon each other, sizzling chemistry scorches us. Under his ruthless bad boy exterior hides another man, one that ignites flames inside my icy heart.

Playboy King

Fire and Ice!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Romance: 💚🖤💙
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📘
World building: 🌏🌍
Character development: ☺️😮
Narrator(s): 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Narration Type: Dual Narration

The Hero: Loki – He is the new boss of Hell and Lucifers son. Loki knows Tessa is his fated mate the moment he first sees her, while he is hooking up with someone else. She couldn’t be his queen though, since he already started the underworld bride trials, where all the contestants fight to the death till only one is left who will be his bride and claim the hellfire crown.

The heroine: Tessa – She is a lethal assassin who leads a team of assassins and is able to open portals to other worlds. Her ex-mate is the current Ice King Ragnara, the illegitimate son of the Giant Frost God of Udgard. Ragnara had stolen her kingdom and has been hunting Tessa since she escaped from him eight years ago.

The Story: when Ragnara finally caught up to Tessa and her team, she was depleted after a fight in another realm. Tessa has ice and water magic and fought her exes bloodhounds that would never rest until Tessa was delivered back to Ragnara. The creatures were created by Ragnara and were tenacious and could come back from death due to Ragnara’s magic. They told her that if she was hurt or died in the fight, Ragnara would just bring her back as well because she was his obsession.

Tessa was tasked by Lucifer to go to a new realm and get into Hell before the gates closed and to bring him Loki’s head. Tessa agreed to the plot because there was a prophecy that said she would find a fire deep in the center of Hell that would help her defeat Ragnara. Though she didn’t expect Loki to be running bride trials to find his queen who would be granted the power of Hellfire. Tessa knows immediately that the Hellfire power is what she is looking for. She knew she would have to join the bride trials.

This book was told in dual points of view via dual narration. The narrators are Victoria Mei and Travis Baldree. Victoria has a pleasant voice though doesn’t have a very good range of different voices for different characters. Her voice for male characters doesn’t sound much different than her voice for female characters. Travis is a good narrator, though his voice isn’t as deep as some of my favorite narrators.

The story was interesting and I do like a fierce female main character and Tessa was all that. There was a lot of action and fighting in this one. Tessa had to fight demons, vampires, valkyries, and more. She was a great fighter, but everything didn’t come easy and she did have to battle to get through it and there were a few dicey situations. However, it did get a bit boring for my tastes. I nearly gave up at one point but only had a few hours left so I stayed with it.


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