Audiobook Review: Jesse (Bossy Brothers, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jesse by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bossy Brothers is the first book in a new standalone series about three billionaire brothers and the girls who love to hate them!

Jesse Boston has met his match.

Remember that perfect guy you crushed on hard when you were young and dumb?

And he said all those things to you?

And he made all those promises?

And then he… ghosted?

Emma Dumas does.

And so do three of his other ex one-night-stands.

Thirteen years later Emma and the exes are some of the richest bitches in the world. So when Jesse Boston goes on the auction block for charity she and her business partners decide they must have him. And not for the reasons you think.

But Jesse is a changed man and soon their crazy plan is falling apart and once again Emma is crushing hard on the handsome jerk who dumped her.

Until all his dirty family secrets come spilling out of that kissable mouth.

Bossy Brothers features a bachelor auction gone wrong, four smart ladies who botch a crazy revenge kidnapping, a power dream date with fast cars, private jets, and expensive yachts, lots and lots of hate f*cking, and a happily ever after that proves… sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.


So entertaining!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Narration: 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Romance: 💙💚🖤❤️❤️
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📘📔📙
World building: 🌎🌍🌏🌎🌍
Character development: 😭😖😔🤐😥

Another hit out of the park for J.A. Huss. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series! I loved this book and I loved Jesse Boston! This one was especially hilarious because Jesse used to be a drunken playboy in his younger days. He was so bad that at one time down in Key West he got with four separate girls during one week and told them all the same story about how they were the one and how he would show them the world.

After never hearing from Jesse again, these four ended up at the same bar and compared stories about the man they were drowning their sorrows over only to find out they were all talking about the same guy. These four girls ended up starting a cosmetics company which became one of the five biggest cosmetics firms in the world. They became billionaires many times over and when a chance to get revenge on Jesse in a bachelor auction came up, they decided to take it.

Emma Dumas and her three friends decide to buy a date with Jesse in the bachelor auction then drug and kidnap him in a revenge plot to get back at him. Her friends have all gotten over Jesse in the intermittent thirteen years since their one night stands with him. But Emma was only Eighteen years old at the time and she had really fallen for Jesse. Emma never really got over him. She also finds out on the date that Jesse’s uncle died the day after they were together and he had to leave Key West. Also Emma learns he cleanest up and has changed his life around.

Of course the kidnapping doesn’t quite go as planned and Jesse tries to get back at Emma once he finds out what she is up to and from there it is hilarious, heartwarming, hot and steamy and also extremely mysterious and dark. I loved every minute of this book and I want to learn more about each one of the Boston Brothers and the Dumas brothers as well!


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