Release Blitz: The Room to the West

Title: The Room to the West
Author: Lauren Biel
Genre: Dark Time Travel Romance/Dark Western Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2022
Cover Design: Pretty in Ink Creations

Sometimes to go forward, you must go back.

So what if I’m jaded? No one ever asks me how I feel, anyway. They just use me.

My clients call me Hannah. I’m an escort, but I refuse to work in a brothel. I always followed the law until I strolled alongside the lawless. I never wanted to be with a man until I met this one. What business do I have with someone over a century my senior? What could we possibly have in common? Everything and nothing at all.

Weston’s dark and brewing eyes make me forget we’re from two different eras. His past bites at our heels, and he will kill again for me.

The rugged and desolate Old West is no place for me. For either of us.
How can I choose between him and my old life? How much am I willing to give up for the only man who’s ever seen my soul?

The Room to the West is the second novel from Lauren Biel, author of Shoot Down the Stars.

“Dark romance meets Louis L’Amour. A unique time travel romance that had you walking through the wild west with all your senses aflame.” – Ann-Marie Davis, author of the Moreno Mafia series

Content Warning: This book depicts strong sexual content, sexual assault, substance use, and violence toward women. This story also has themes of suicide.

“Out of curiosity, what day is it?”

He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. He tilts his head and stops wiping the counter with the cloth. “It’s the ninth of August, ma’am.”

“But what year?” I look him in the eyes, my lips taut in frustration.

“Are you unwell, li’l lady? It’s 1885.”

“Where light meets dark”

I’m a dark romance author with two published novels and several titles in the works. When I’m not working, I’m writing. When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with my husband, my friends, or my pets. You might also find me on a horseback trail ride or sitting beside a waterfall in Upstate New York. I have a pretty normal life, yet my stories are anything but.

Expect the unexpected with my stories. I write various sub genres of romance and all my stories are a bit ‘different’ compared to others in the same trope, so leave your expectations at the door!


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