Fire Night (Devil’s Night, #4.5). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fire Night by Penelope Douglas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Nothing, not even Devil’s Night, was more magical, because tonight was the longest night of the year. It was special.”

The clock at St. Killian’s chimes as whispers float in the dark staircase above. 

Snow falls from the black sky beyond the windows, and candles glow, the flames lighting up the longest night of the year.⁣


Devil’s Night isn’t the only holiday we celebrate. Tonight, we’re pulling on a different mask.⁣


Some call it Midwinter.⁣

Others call it Yule.⁣

We call it Fire Night.⁣

Fire Night

“If I ever leave you, it’s because I’m dead.”

“Don’t you trust it?” I asked her.
“That this will never end.”

The Hero(es):
Michael Crist – From Corrupt, a famous NBA player and Leader of the group.
Kai Mori – From Hideaway, the good guy of the group who can be very bad.
Damon Torrence – From Kill Switch, a bad boy with a killer attitude.
Will Grayson – From Nightfall The fun guy who was a tortured soul but has stepped up for the group and is now at peace.

The heroine(s):
Rika – From Corrupt, Michael’s wife, mayor of Thunder Bay and a businesswoman.
Banks – From Hideaway, wife to Kai, she is Damon’s half-sister and the sole heir of their father.
Winter – From Kill Switch, wife to Damon, she is blind and a ballet dancer.
Emory – From Nightfall, Will’s Wife and the girl he was in love with for years. Her brother was an abusive cop.

This was another novella (like Concave) and it takes place on Fire Night, which is a holiday the group created for themselves and the town of Thunder Bay. It takes place on the winter solstice (longest night of the year) and they only use fire light (no electric lights) on that night. The entire town is lit by candles, lanterns, fires and such and there is a huge gathering, a dance, a feast, and later a lock in for the kids.

The night is a joyous occasion, though our four horsemen and their families forgot that they have made enemies and allowing hundreds of people in masks into their event with only two security guards was not a good idea. Something wicked is afoot and some of the masked strangers have evil in mind. That is all I will say, but this was a great little novella to wrap up the series.


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