Beautifully Broken Release Day Blitz

Release Date: November 14

It wasn’t my plan to be noticed. 
I’d spent almost two years of my life being invisible. 
But one night changed it all.
I saw too much.
I didn’t see enough. 
I can’t outrun him. 
He will catch me.
I can’t hide from him. 
He will find me.
I can’t disappear. 
He is always watching. 
He tells me he is waiting to decide what to do with me.
Does he even care that he holds so much power over me?
My life is in his hands and as I wait, the pull towards him…scares me. 
She thinks she didn’t see enough. 
She sees too much.
She thinks she can run.
She can’t run from me.
She thinks I will forget. 
I never forget.
She thinks she’s invisible.
She is all I see.
What started out as a simple job, will become the biggest fight that I’ve ever faced.


There is a slight trigger warning for the book. There is reference to sexual assault but no detail. There is a warning in the book – it’s a dark romance but think the lighter shade of grey in the spectrum of dark.

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Meet Eve L. Mitchell

Eve L. Mitchell lives in the North East of Scotland, in the UK. She writes under a pen name, because otherwise her Secret Agent status will be revoked. Eve started writing in 2018, with her first book “Indian Summer’ published in January 2019 – and hasn’t stopped writing since.

Eve prefers to consider her relationship with caffeine as codependent rather than caffeine reliant, she admits she may be the more needy one in the relationship but hey… maybe caffeine is just as addicted to her? 

Eve L. Mitchell is an emerging author of contemporary romance and urban fantasy. 

Connect with Eve L. Mitchell Here!

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