Mini Review: Challenge Chances. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Challenge Chances by Nicola Jane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.

This is the combined version of two books, Challenge and Chances.


Meet Aiden Tremos. Gorgeous, 6ft 7, man mountain! He has it all, muscles, tatts and the playboy reputation. 


But this isn’t your typical love story! Aiden’s brother, Jake, has set him a challenge! 


To complete the challenge, and get Jakes half of the jointly owned nightclub, he must convince Bella May, to give up something very valuable to her.


Meet Bella, Stunning, 5ft 3, petit and blue eyed. Just how Aiden likes his women! So, this should be easy, right?


Wrong, Bella isn’t going to part with what he wants, easily. 


So, let the games begin!


Secrets, lies, cheating, heartbreak and sex, what more could you ask for?


A love story that brings out a rollercoaster of emotions


Challenge Chances

This was a pretty crazy ride!

I am unsure as to whether I really liked this or kind of hated it. Aiden was such Bastard and a Manwhore that you just have to hate him. However, in romance books I seem to love Possessive and Jealous men and he is certainly that. In life, men like that are controlling douchebags but in romance novels they are fun to read. Especially when the heroine keeps leaving them for other men or at least appearing to. So I guess I liked it.


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