Third A Kiss (Goddess Isles, #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Third a Kiss by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

“There was hate once. Hate born from dangerous attraction and fate’s cruel design.

There was love once. Love destined to kill us if we didn’t surrender to our war.”

Eleanor Grace suffers an awful affliction. She’s falling for a man who doesn’t deserve her affection or her forgiveness. But there is no cure, so she does something reckless, stupid—she throws safety to the sea and leaps into danger.

Sully Sinclair suffers the same affliction. He’s falling for a goddess who will never earn his trust or his heart if he can help it. However, he wasn’t prepared for the lengths she’d go. How far she’d push to either stop such a bond or kill them both trying.

An elixir given to a monster.

A goddess running for her life.

An ending neither of them can survive. 

Third a Kiss

Great book, terrific cliffhanger!

Wow again! Pepper Winters is great at creating some killer storylines and fantastic cliffhangers. I am just glad that I am not reading these as they come out so I don’t have to wait months to start the next one. Sully is still the God of the island in this book and still has his Goddesses that he bought from sex traffickers. In this book we find that all is not as rosy for these Goddesses as Sully would like to think.

In the first book, he told Eleanor that all the women on the island are happy to be there and most of them are in love with him. It turns out they aren’t as happy as they pretend to be, they have just been making the best of the four years he makes each of them stay. Also they act like they are in love with him because they want his money and they want to be equal partners with him, but they don’t really have feelings for him.

The romance in this book is Sizzling hot (🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥) and not always due to the Euphoria elixir. Sully has had trouble in the past resisting Eleanor and he gets even worse in this book. Though every time I think he is going to turn into a better person, he does something that shows he hasn’t changed a bit. Pepper Winters sure can create a Hero you love to hate and hate to love.

Those of you who don’t like the type of books where men are misogynistic and cruel, should definitely not read this series. Because Sully is a bit crazy. He loves animals and does everything he can to protect them and runs an animal sanctuary for animals that were tested on by various drug, make-up and skin care companies.

Sully hates to see an animal in a cage, but doesn’t mind putting a woman in a cage for a punishment. He doesn’t see anything wrong with owning women and he figures if humans can put animals in cages, they aren’t above being caged themselves. The problem with this (well one of my problems with this) is that he doesn’t even know if these women ever did anything to animals. Like Eleanor, who is an animal lover and vegetarian.

Anyway, this series brings up a lot of emotions and feelings, which is one reason I like it so much. Every time I want something to happen, the opposite happens. I think Eleanor is definitely a fool for falling for Sully, but she is determined. She fights him as much as she likes him and is constantly trying to make him better. He can’t really go anywhere but up. The ending was another shocking scenario, like the last two books and I am diving right in to the next one.


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