Twice A Wish (Goddess Isles, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Twice a Wish by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“There was a monster once. A monster who bought me, controlled me, and took away my freedom.

There was a man once. A man who dealt in myth and secrets, hiding behind his mask, making me hunger and wish to know the truth.”

Eleanor Grace belongs to the man and the monster, hating them both but unable to deny that something links them. Something she doesn’t want to feel, something that traps her as surely as the sea surrounding the island where she serves.

Sully Sinclair belongs to his past and the black and white script his life has become. He views his goddesses as commodities—possessions to be treated kindly but firmly. The only problem is…Eleanor is different.

She’s jinxed him.

Cursed him.

Awakened him.

She’s a goddess with the power to ruin him.

Twice a Wish

All I can say is WOW!

This story had me from word one and I was engrossed all the way to that Phenomenal ending. The intricacies of the plot were original, surprising and fantastic. As the heroine Eleanor/Jinx argued different points with her owner/captor Sully, I wanted to argue as well. He is a complex man and in the first book I didn’t think he could be redeemable at all, but we got to see him as a good man in certain ways.

Though I still don’t see how she could fall in love with him even with the intense attraction and the things she found out about him. If I was falling for a guy and he made me sleep with someone else, that would be it, or if he punished me like Sully punished Jinx after she ran away, I just would have no way to respect him. Not to mention the fact that he buys women from sex slavers and uses them to make money through like a high class technologically advanced Pimp.

Even if the girls end up liking their situation and wanting to stay longer than 4 years. It is like a no means no thing, when a guy hears no he should stop right there. And if these girls don’t want to do it at any point, he is no better than the sex slavers. We know it isn’t just Eleanor that didn’t want to do it at first since he told her that other girls had tried to escape.

I just loved the story though, I still done know what really happened the first time she was in Euphoria. Was it with Sully? I was surprised at what happened the second time and every time Sully does something, he does the exact opposite of what I expect. And what did he do in his past that scares him so much? Why does he think he will kill her eventually?

The whole story of the fact that Sully loves animals and hates people is very inventive and the animal testing angle which started in the last book and came up in this one is pretty genius as a conflict point. I wanted to argue certain things with him, some of which Eleanor actually said and others were like OMG you can’t generalize all people are bad just because there are some awful people out in the world. And you can’t treat women like objects when you treat animals so well. I mean humans are animals also. Eek. I just wanted to punch him sometimes.

I was glad Jinx got away from Sullivan, but surprised at his reactions. But I suppose I shouldn’t be with a bunch of books left in the series. Anyway, the people were awesome in this book, the parrots were terrific, and the setting is paradise, literally. I am loving this series. I don’t want to go to bed. I just want to start on the next book, but I have to work late tomorrow night so I can’t. Darn!


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