Heart Thief (Sinister Fairy Tales). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Heart Thief by Ker Dukey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Heart Thief 


Monsters come in many forms.


Some want shiny new toys to play with—others want blood.


Mona Walters dreams of adventure, of a world beyond the shoreline she’s confined to. She yearns for vibrancy in her dull, mundane existence, but succumbs to the bleakness.


Until the necklace her sister wore the night she was brutally murdered shows up on her door wrapped in a neat bow, fueling her to run away and seek out the person responsible for stealing her sister’s life.


Mona wished for more—for color in her gray world.


What she didn’t realize was just how much more she would get.


And that the world outside her own was soaked in red—blood red.


The world she dreamed of is made of nightmares.


A rich, influential world of two brothers—and once they have her in their sights, they plan to keep her there.


Her father kept her secluded for a reason.


Be careful what you wish for.


There’s a thief out there, and he’s coming for Mona’s heart.


Heart Thief

Awesomely dark retelling of Moana!

I never read Moana or saw the movie, but I did check out some YouTube videos on the differences between the Disney version of Moana and the real Polynesian story. A lot of that centered around the demigod Maui. In this story there are twins Cash and Colt. Colt is known around town by the nickname demigod since he was in high school.

The story begins with a twelve year old Mona who lives on an island which is run by her father who is pretty much a cult leader to the people on the island. He is strict with the laws he creates and a lot of the laws are intended to keep the islanders afraid of the outside world. They are on an island but can’t go in the ocean, so can’t learn to swim.

Though they get supplies from the mainland, only a few of the islanders are allowed to leave and only to get the supplies. Anyone else caught trying to leave gets punishment of one year in Mona’s fathers dungeon and after that has to be cleansed since they are not pure (you don’t want to know what is involved in that, believe me). It has always been women that try to leave because the men pretty much have it made. They can have more than one wife and treat their women how they want. Mona’s father is shown to be abusive to his wife and daughters.

Mona’s sister Clara left the island after talking to Mona and giving her a heart necklace with a C on it to have her close to Mona’s heart. Clara wore a similar one with an M. However, Clara is found dead with her heart missing a month later on Mona’s birthday and Mona finds out on that day when mainland police come to inform the family. When Mona turns eighteen, she can no longer stand the rules and laws and escapes to the mainland.

She meets Colt and Cash who have ties to her sister and hate the people on the island. She wants them to help her find out what really happened to her sister and where Clara’s heart is. While staying with Colt and Cash she develops feelings for Colt and he for her. As she gets more confidence from being away from her father’s island she also decides that she wants to free the people there. I won’t go into more of the story because it is very good and you should experience it for yourself. This is a steamy dark romance and like the blurb says there is blood, so it is not for the faint of heart. Though I really liked it.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


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