The Last Vampire: Book Two (The Last Vampire, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Last Vampire: Book Two by R.A. Steffan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

My father has been kidnapped by my worst enemies.

Either that, or he willingly sold me out to them.

Whatever the case, I’m going to find him. Mind you, this would be a lot easier if every Fae in Chicago wasn’t already out for my blood.

They’re not getting it, though.

The only one who’s getting anywhere near my blood is the seven-hundred-year-old vampire who saved me. Yes, there are times when I’m convinced he’s not quite right in the head, but so far he’s the only supernatural being I’ve met who sees me as a person rather than a chess piece.

To the rest of them, I’m nothing more than the walking, talking evidence of a war crime. To him, I’m something else. He calls me a loose thread in the tapestry of his forgotten past, but he looks at me like I might be the key to his future.

The rest of them tell me I’m demonkin. They say I’m a succubus-human hybrid who shouldn’t exist.

One thing is very clear, though. My father is carrying a secret bigger than I ever dreamed, and I’m damn well going to pry it out of him.

I just have to get him back from the Fae first.

Because, hey—what could possibly go wrong?

This story is getting very good!

Rans and Zorah are on the run from the Fae who want to get their hands on Zorah because she is living proof that the Demons broke the treaty since the war ended. Zorah is proof that they were successfully able to mate with humans and Demons are not supposed to interfere with anything on Earth.

Since Zorah’s Incubus Grandfather is Dead and her Mother was murdered, her human Father is the only one alive to show where she came from. The Fae have taken him hostage and moved him to the Fae Realm.

Rans and Zorah are able to feed off of each other, he feeds on blood and her on sexual energy or essence. The romance heats up and Rans uses his contacts in the demon and Fae world to help Zorah.


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