The Shifter’s Wish (Ghost Shifters, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Shifter’s Wish by R.A. Boyd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

A woman haunted. Two fallen with sleeping beasts. The age of the Ghost Shifters is ending. 

BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance 

Widow Cass Stephens wants to mourn in peace. A freak snowstorm, and the fear of no snacks, drives her out into the cold and into the arms of two sexy shifters who may or may not want to rob her of her can opener. 

Jax and Damon have been cursed. They need Cass to complete their Alpha Triad and awaken the dormant beasts within them. And they really need that can opener. 

Acceptance from their Clan is enough stress, but Cass’s presence brings unease to the surrounding packs and they’re willing to start a war to stop the Triad from forming. Cass will either prove she’s strong enough to be part of the most powerful Triad the shifter world has ever known or die at the hands of those who are afraid to find out. 

The Shifter’s Wish

Interesting shifter story!

I liked this story overall, though there is not much I can say about it without giving away spoilers. I can say that unlike what I originally thought, they do NOT shift into Ghosts. This may be a spoiler, but not one that will actually spoil the book, it just is background information, so here goes: the term ghost shifter means that they have been cursed and can no longer shift, so their inner beast is now basically a ghost. Once they find their mate, to form their triad, they will again be able to shift and they will be whole again.

Jax and Damon are the Alpha and Omega of their clan and they will be the first to find their mate, then the rest of their clan will start finding theirs. On a snowy winter evening they meet a widow named Cass at a grocery store and immediately know that she is the one. This is a pretty quick read (243 pages) and a good shifter tale. This is a very steamy read as well.

“Get dressed,” Jax’s voice said from behind him. “How the fuck did someone get Heaven’s Flame into water? Into the sprinkler system?” He started walking toward the house but turned back to Damon.
“And why the fuck are we naked?” Simon bellowed, trailing behind Jax. “Audra’s worried about her tits. What about my sack? It looks small.”


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