Tempting The Devil (Sinners and Saints, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tempting Devil by Veronica Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.


I sold my soul to the devil.

Hard times prove who’s a survivor and who’s not. Me? I’m a survivor.

The plan was perfect: steal one of his cars for a payout to set us up for life. All while getting back at him for tormenting me from the moment I first stepped foot in stuck up Silver Lake High School.

But he caught me red-handed. What’s worse, a jail sentence or becoming the devil’s favorite toy?

My devious monster made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Now I’m selling everything to him. Even my soul.


The secret to being carefree is love nothing.

The puppets are fooled into believing my game of pretend. But the way she looks at me has always pierced beneath my skin. Like she knows. She’s a gutter rat—how could she possibly understand?

I vowed to break her the first time. When I catch her stealing my car, it’s clear she hasn’t learned her lesson. She won’t escape my wrath again.

Ready to play a game, little thief? The rules are simple: my way is law.

Tempting Devil

It’s all about the mask!

In book one of this series, Lucas wore a mask in school as the King of the school and the football god while inside he was a completely different person that he kept hidden inside. He didn’t want to disappoint his parents or the team or all the people counting on him to go bring them a championship and go on to college football and the NFL. However, he just wanted to study architecture.

In this book, his cousin Devlin (aka The Devil) is now a senior and rules the school now that Lucas is off at college doing what he wanted. Devlin wears his own mask that even Lucas was unaware of. Before Lucas left, Devlin spent almost every waking hour with Lucas because his own house is an empty shell. His parents Travel for work and are almost never home.

Devlin communicates with his parents by short clinical text messages and rare phone calls. He has housekeepers that he rarely sees. In short, his parents don’t love him, they pay him off with monthly guilt checks and expect him to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor to boost the family name, but other than that would rather not be bothered with him. Though he keeps trying and hoping for something more from them.

Devlin has a habit of bullying the one person in school that doesn’t belong. For some reason he hates her though he doesn’t know why she bothers him so much. Her name is Blair Davis and she is a scholarship student from a trailer park across town. Blair can’t afford a proper school uniform and Devlin has caught her picking pockets so he nicknamed her “Sticky Fingers”. He regularly embarrasses her for being poor and has been known to dump her school lunches on the cafeteria floor a time or two.

When Devlin catches Blair in the act of stealing his favorite car, a Porsche he calls “Red”, he gives her the option of basically becoming his slave for pay or going to jail. Blair desperately needs money because her mother is sick and her father left them with huge debts so she has no option but to do the humiliating things Devlin comes up with for the cash he offers to pay her for each task.

Devlin starts out by wanting to get revenge on Blair for trying to steal from him, by embarrassing her as much as possible and also by showing her how much she doesn’t belong at their fancy private school. But as time goes on, he discovers a connection he has had to her for years and both Devlin and Blair discover how similar they are to each other in many ways.

The world building in this book is terrific and the characters are awesome. I like they way they grow and change throughout the book. I love the supporting characters as well as the steamy romance between Devlin and Blair. I give this five out of five flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for how sizzling hot the book was! The chemistry between these two was explosive and the intimate scenes were terrific.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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