Stark Revenge (Bastards and Badges, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stark Revenge by Andi Rhodes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.


Revenge is supposed to be sweet, swift, but it’s never that simple. I’ve spent years craving it, and now that I’m finally in a position to make it happen, nothing can stop me. Enter one stripper that doesn’t fit in and everything changes. I still need revenge and to ease the ache of failure, but she makes me want something else, something I never thought possible. Now, I want a life. 


I never dreamed I’d be taking my clothes off for money, but here I am, working at The White Lily, trying to satisfy my deal with the devil. For months, I’ve done what I had to in order to protect the people I love, but when I’m given to my boss’s head of security as a reward, I wish I were more selfish. I need to finish what I started, but I also can’t turn my back on the beautifully broken man who is not at all who I thought he was. Revenge is his past and present, but can I be his future? 

Stark Revenge contains subject matter that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Stark Revenge

Criminal activities are afoot at the local stripper bar!

This was a good action thriller romance book. I enjoyed the team up between the two main characters characters, Jackson Stark, an undercover FBI agent who has been working as head of security at a stripper bar called the White Lily and the joints’ most lucrative stripper Kitty Kat (a.k.a. Katelyn).

Jackson has been interested in Katelyn from her first day over six months ago when he could immediately tell she was out of place and didn’t belong. However, after looking into her background and finding that she graduated college with a degree in special education with near perfect grades and had never been in any trouble, Jackson couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just quit after that first night.

Katelyn got the job because he friend Brandie told her it would be a good way for her to make enough money to pay off her student loans that were coming due and the owner Mr. Vick said if she didn’t like it she could quit at any time. However after that first night, she hasn’t been able to get ahold of Brandie and when Katelyn tried to quit Mr. Vick threatened her parents and brother. He told her she needs to work for him for one year and he will pay off her student loans then let her leave.

However, Jackson finds Mr. Vick threatening Kat fur their one night while she is tied to a chair and they end up working together to take down Mr. Vick for his illegal drug running operation at the club. Mr. Vick gives Katelyn to Jack as a bonus for a job well done for a night and they start to fall for each other. The romance gets steamy pretty quickly.

Jackson and Katelyn find out that more illegal activities are going on than they originally thought and try to find a way to not only take down Vick, but another guy who Mr. Vick is indebted to. There are quite a few things that are going on and these guys are both dangerous and connected so they aren’t easy to get. I really enjoyed the book and how someone always seemed to get away and come back at them again. There was also a great back story on why Jackson wanted to get Vick so bad, and more about Brandie as well. Great world building on the part of the author!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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