Rolling the Dice (All In Duet, #0.5). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rolling the Dice by Alessandra Torre

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.

As a storm brewed, I gambled the most valuable possession I had: my heart. 

There was a reason I was handcuffed to the bed, chocolate syrup smeared over both nipples. Dario Capece was getting married, and if he thought he’d ditch me to marry some rich Vegas bitch, then he had another thing coming. 

I was taking my revenge in the best way possible: his best friend. Seduction was a new game for me, but thankfully, Trip Reinnet was good at reading signs and delivering orgasms. While a hurricane gathered force and moved closer, I played a risky game of love, luck, and passion, with my most valuable possession up for grabs: my heart. 

Rolling The Dice

Short and Sexy!

This is a short and Sexy prequel but it seems to leave a lot of questions unanswered and the next book isn’t about the couple that was in this book.

The heroine of this book works at a casino hotel in Mississippi and was in love with her boss Dario for years, when he finally asks her out. She goes on two dates with him and then he meets some rich chick from Las Vegas and her Daddy and decides to take a job in their Casino.

That evening, a hurricane is coming so the hotel is evacuating and she decides to stay behind with Dario’s best friend and her other boss and seduce him to get back at Dario. Though Dario takes off in the evacuation, he is not jealous so what she is doing doesn’t even accomplish her goal and the next book is about him in Las Vegas.


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