Big Dicker (Harem Station, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Big Dicker by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Welcome to Mighty Minibons Resort. 

Jimmy’s personal hell. 

All Jimmy wants is a booster shot of DNA scrambler so he never has to find his one-true soul mate. But life rarely goes the way you plan it. 

After dropping Xyla off on Blue Sand Beach for a little vacay with her sexbot girlfriends the Big Dicker has to make an emergency landing on the demon-themed Mighty Minions Resort. Picture hordes of exasperated parents, sticky, crying kids, and a park AI that seems determined to suck every credit out of his Harem Station bank account. 

The only good thing about Mighty Minions from Jimmy’s perspective—it’s not the place you meet your soul mate. 

Until outlaw Cygnian princess, Delphi, shows up and shatters all his best-laid plans. 

But Delphi isn’t there to fall in love with Jimmy. 

She’s there to kidnap him and take him back to her boss, the Loathsome One. 

Big Dicker

It’s been so long since I read the last book, I forgot how totally awesome this series is!

I remembered liking the first two Harem Station books I had read (Booty Hunter and Star Crossed), and thinking they were surprisingly much better than I originally thought they would be. Of course I thought they would be pretty smutty and funny being that they centered around alien races where the males were Akeelians which means that genetically they have purple eyes and not one, but two magnificently long, marvelously thick, exceptionally big …. Well you know what I mean.

The women are Cygnian Princesses and because their race was dying out the Princess were genetically altered to find the one Akeelian that they are able to mate with. They light up all pink or silver when they have the big O. But when they find “the one” the they pretty much light up like the sun at first touch and the urge to be together is like a biological imperative.

So with a premise like this you would think these books would be nothing but dirty jokes and steamy scenes one after another. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty hilarious jokes about the various alien physiology, but the the storylines are more about the romance than the intimate scenes and there are also separate storylines about other things, such as what is going on in their worlds, such as this breeding program that involves the Akeelian males and Cygnian Princesses.

There is also separate storylines about Harem Station where Jimmy and his brothers (really just several good friends) are from. They escaped to Harem Station years ago from their own planet when the oldest of them named Crux was involved in a breeding ceremony. There was a sentient AI on Harem Station named ALCOR that allowed the teens to live there and they ended up starting a thriving outlaw community. Now they are all wealthy.

Jimmy frees sentient bots and brings them to Harem station to live as free “people”. They also allow sentient ships to come through the gates and be free at Harem Station. Jimmy’s ship Big Dicker is one of those ships. Jimmy’s mother died when he was very young and he named it after a constellation in her galaxy he remembers her telling him about.

“The name of the constellation. It’s not Big Dicker, you idiot.” She laughs.
“I mean, it was kinda cute when you were a three-year-old. But hearing you say it as a grown-ass man… well, that’s just stupid.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“It’s the Big Dipper, you oaf. Not Dicker.”

Jimmy ends up having to land his ship on a vacation planet for families after Big Dicker gets a virus and that is about the worst possible place he can think of because it is a place filled with kids and he hates kids. He ends up meeting a Cygnian Princess named Delphi who he thinks is his one. She is in trouble and has a bunch of secrets and there is a ton of action from then on. I completely loved the book and want to read the next book right away.


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