Love Notes: A Prequel (Rivals, #0.5). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love Notes: A Prequel by Piper Lawson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

When Tyler Adams knocked on my door, he was a broken prince with a wicked smile. A god with a guitar.

I don’t trust musicians, but he was different.

At seventeen, I offered him my home, my life, my heart… 

…He stole them all.

Love Notes

Perfect introduction to the series!

I read the first book before discovering that this prequel existed so I read them out of order, but I’m still glad I read this one. It clarified a few misconceptions I had that were sort of glazed over in the other book and it shows how the two main characters got estranged in the first place. The story is about Annie Jamieson who is the daughter to Rock superstar Jax Jamieson.

She was raised by her Aunt and Uncle in a modest house in Philadelphia and she thought they were her parents and called Jax her uncle. When she was ten and her Aunt and Uncle we’re having problems, Annie overheard Jax and her Aunt Grace talking and found out he was her Father. She remained with her Aunt and Uncle while her father was touring and only moved with him full time when he retired a few years ago.

Jax surprises Annie one day when he has her friend Tyler move in with them. Jax runs a music foundation for underprivileged kids and he saw that Tyler has a gift with the guitar and wanted to help him. He also will be paying for Tyler to attend the same private school Annie attends. Annie and Tyler were best friends in Philly but they had lost touch over the past eight months when he had stopped answering her calls and texts. She felt like he had let her down during a time when she had things going on and really needed him.

Annie is not liked by the school’s elite and the Queen Bee at the school, Carly has it out for her. Annie thinks the same will happen to Tyler especially when everyone finds out he is a poor kid from Philadelphia living in their pool house and her Dad is paying his tuition. However, Tyler shows them all that he could care less what they think and they all love him for it.

This is a quick little novella at 100 pages and a great introduction to all the players in this series and it gives all the background as well as some of the struggles they have gone through and are going through. It sets up the next book perfectly and is certainly worth the read.


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