Text Me Baby One More Time (Texting, #4). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

I love you, he said.

Forever, he said.

Turns out, he lied.

When he leaves me high and dry after a cross-country move, I push him out of my life as much as I can, which is hard to do when the guy who broke your heart also happens to be the most famous dude in town.

After a disastrous year, he’s aiming to rehab his reputation, and I just so happen to be aiming for a promotion at the paper.

So, we strike a deal, and it’s a win-win all around.

Besides, what’s the harm in a few dates to charity galas anyway?

He’s arrogant, a total jerk. There’s no way I’ll fall for him…again.

I used to love him. Now I hate him…I think.

Text Me Baby One More Time

Another great rom-com from Teagan Hunter!

I have loved all of the Text based rom-coms so far. The main character in this book is Shepherd who was the jerk brother of Zack from “Let’s Get Textual” when he dumped Delia’s friend Zoe after one night and Delia was giving him grief about it on Thanksgiving, so he did something pretty low to get back at Delia.

In this book, he meets Denver via text messaging when his best friend, A.J., who he knows from summers at baseball camp is planning to ask his sweetheart Allie to marry him. Shep lives across the country so he enlists the help of Denver who is Allie’s best friend. They start a text message friendship that turns into more from there.

“Hey, Captain.” Denny beams his way.
“Ah, Bucky, I didn’t realize that was you. I was about to hit my panic button. I don’t have these plates in the books.”
My breath hitches. Captain America and Bucky. She’s supposed to be my Bucky, not his.

This book is similar to the other three books and the characters from those books make appearances in this book, but it isn’t necessary to read any of those books first. It is a true stand alone. But if you haven’t read those books, I suggest you do. They are pretty awesome! All these books are funny, sweet, romantic and steamy. I just can’t get enough of them.


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