Blowback Cover Reveal

Blowback, The Monsters Within Duet: Book Two by @authormonicajames is coming May 7!

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This was supposed to be simple. Vengeance was mine. But I should know by now that nothing in life is easy.My endgame has changed all because I met someone who wishes I was dead. Yet her hatred is the only thing saving her from The Big Bad. My lies protect her, so the harder she hates, the safer she is.The thing about love and hate—it skates a very thin line.

I need to stay away. It’s better for everyone if I do. But fighting this is like fighting nature.Our paths crossed for a reason, and my Tiger isn’t fooled. Once the smoke clears, she will see every player, including me. I don’t deserve a second chance. But I want one
because I want her. The question is, what happens when the truth is finally revealed?With the end in sight, I can promise you there will be nothing but violence and mayhem. Oh yes, blood will be shed. 

Check out book 1 in The Monster Within Duet:


Grab a copy here:

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