All The Truths Teaser Reveal (March 24).

🖤All The Truths is Coming in Two Days!🖤

Two days until the epic conclusion of the addictive, mind-twisting duet Lies & Truths!

What happens when the most popular girl loses her memory and becomes a nobody? 

What to expect from Lies & Truths Duet:

✔ Dark

✔ Thrilling

✔ Intense

✔ Passion

✔ Deception

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🖤Start the Series🖤

If you haven’t met Asher and Reina yet, jump in and see why everyone is calling it twisted and mindblowing. It’s free on #KindleUnlimited.




🖤All The Truths Blurb🖤

The truth doesn’t set you free.

Revenge shouldn’t be rushed. It needs to be savored.

Reina ruined my life and it’s only fair I ruin hers back.

Or that was the plan.

That was before she got under my skin and flowed into my blood.

Life as we know it crashes and burns.

All we have left is revenge.

Or is it?


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