Damien (Slater Brothers, #5). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Damien by L.A. Casey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Alannah Ryan had always suffered in silence, until that silence became so deafening she spilled secrets that she never intended to. At one point in her life, she yearned for adventure, a nail biting journey … something other than the mundane life she led. Her pleas were answered in the form of a tall, handsome heart breaker with a mop of white hair.

Alannah’s dreams for an exciting twist in her life were shattered because of a teenage mistake. One that has haunted her for over five years, and left her in pieces.

Damien Slater was the reason for every bad thing in the lives of those he loved most. A decision he made when he was just fifteen destroyed his brothers’ lives, and there was nothing he could do to change the things they had endured. Ruining them hurt, but ruining the only woman who wanted him for more than one night hurt a hell of a lot more.

Running away helped Damien heal, and returning to Ireland only caused Alannah more pain. Pain he intended to eradicate and replace with the passion he knew they both shared. Breaking down her walls was not the only challenge Damien faced. Another had plans of his own, and his intentions weren’t for physical vengeance, but something far worse.

Damien values Alannah above all else, and what Damien values, Damien fights for.


Damien is the dark horse of the bunch!

The Slater brothers had been in Ireland working off a debt for a mobster. Damien’s past has messed him up emotionally and three only way he can find comfort is through sex, but he never gets involved with any girl, it is just one and done.

Alannah fell for Damien the first moment she saw him in class and does not want to be one his one hit list. However, one night out drinking and dancing at a club and she can’t resist. He knows she isn’t the kind of girl who does one and done and she knows he isn’t the type to stay longer but they get together and in the heat of the moment, he promises he will keep her. Then the minute they are done he takes it back and breaks her heart.

After years of being away and self recriminations, Damien is back foe Alannah. He is ready to fight for her love. This’s book is utterly hilarious. You absolutely have to read the other books first, but the romance is spot on, the secrets and intrigue are great and the wit and humor is awesome.


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