Shattered Skull (Sons Of Sinister, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shattered Skull by Tabatha Vargo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

The first time I saw Aiken Cross aka Skull, he was standing atop a speeding motorcycle. 

The second time, he was putting his fist through my brother’s face. 

Now he’s everywhere I look. 

He’s making my life hell with his vulgar remarks and seductive lure, but it’s not my fault my brother joined The Border Lords, his rival crew. I keep my nose out of their business and my head in the books, yet he’s always there provoking me. Dragging me into their conflict.

Everyone in town knows you don’t mess with the Sons of Sinister, but no one ever told me what to do when a Son of Sinister messes with me.

New York Times bestselling author Tabatha Vargo invites you to fall in love with the Sons of Sinister! A new adult spin on MC books with all the grunge, angst, and dirty, foul-mouthed biker boys who know how to handle curves.

The Sons of Sinister consists of four standalone novels. 

Shattered Skull, Dirty Saint, Ruthless Crow, & Joker’s Wild.

This series is the Blow Hole Boys meets crotch rockets meets naughty, bully bastards who don’t give a f*ck and the good girls who can’t help but fall for them! They run the streets, the money, and can outride any other crew on the streets. 

Shattered Skull

A new generation of bikers emerges in romance and it is hot!

The Sons of Anarchy made biker gangs or “Motorcycle Clubs” hot. But let’s face it, not all the guys in Motorcycle clubs are Jax Teller hotties, even the rest of the guys on SOA are not the handsome cover models that would be on the front of our romance novels. And if you Google real life Motorcycle Clubs you will, more often than not, find an older generation of guys with beer bellies, scraggly beards and faded tattoos. Not to say there aren’t good looking guys in MC’s in real life. Actually the bar by my old apartment was a biker bar and I’ve seen them. But they were in their 30’s at the time and so was I.

This book is a new breed of motorcycle gang. They are young, late teens and early twenties and they race the fast motorcycles (a.k.a. Crotch Rockets) illegally for money. Like street gangs, and even some MC’s, some of them make and deal drugs for cash. There are a lot of you tube videos on the web of these guys racing legally and illegally, as well as doing stunts on their bikes like the guys did in this book. These biker gangs seem every bit as prevalent as the MC kind with Harley’s, but just have a younger crowd.

The main gang is the Sons of Sinister and this story is about one of the members of the Sons named Aiken Cross or “Skull” to his friends. Aiken and his older brother Junior had a bad childhood and were used as punching bags for their drug addicted parents more often than not, until they ended up on the streets at a young age having to fend for themselves. Now Aiken lives in a house with the other members of the Sons and they race motorcycles and deal drugs to make money. Junior checks in every few days but doesn’t live with Skull.

One night at the races Skull sees a girl that is different than the rest. She is tiny with long dark hair and she obviously doesn’t belong, but he can’t look away. The more he looks the angrier he gets. She is obviously an innocent girl from a wealthy family just crossing over to the wrong side of the tracks to get some thrills and she doesn’t realize the danger she is in on his side of town. So he takes it upon himself to go over and warn her away.

What Aiken doesn’t realize is that Everly Hart has severe anxiety and has always been afraid of everything and she has always been on the outside. But since she got to the races that night, she hasn’t been afraid or anxious. It is the first time she ever felt like she belonged and she felt free. Everly decided there was no way she was listening to Aiken’s warning and she would definitely be coming back. That was the start of the contentious relationship between Aiken and Everly.

I really enjoyed this book because both Aiken and Everly had so much going on in their lives but they were drawn to each other. She was just about to turn eighteen and trying to finish her senior year in high school after a bunch of family turmoil. While Aiden was twenty-four and trying to make enough money to move out of the house and away from the drugs since he was now a “grown up”. 

The romance between Everly and Aiken was both sweet and steamy. Aiken was both protective of her and possessive long before they were together which was so hot even if it wasn’t quite fair to her. Everly is a strong female character, sometimes a bit too strong for her own good. It is sometimes like she doesn’t know the right things to be anxious about. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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