Bound (Evergreen Academy, #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bound by Ruby Vincent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Five people bound by the most terrible secret… and something else.

I never thought I could forgive them. I didn’t believe there was still a heart inside of me that could forgive. But my boys, my knights, were taking down my walls and claiming a piece for themselves.

All I wanted was to lock our secret away and enter junior year as though the past never happened…

…but someone won’t let me.

Someone knows what we did and the price for their silence may be more than I can give.

The game will only grow more vicious until lines are drawn in the battle for who truly rules Evergreen Academy.

The romance between Val and each of the Knights is heating up!

This book marked a bit of a change in the series as the Knights of Evergreen Academy are now finally starting to see the light of day and are no longer on opposite sides from Valentina. The Knights have been a bit like the rest of the school all along in that they were cowards and afraid of what the spades could do to them and their families if the didn’t bully Val out of the school, but they were doubly afraid because they had a bigger secret that they didn’t want exposed to their families and the world.

Though there is one thing I really like about this book and series that I haven’t found in other Bully romance series is that Val is not just taking their word for anything and falling right into love or into bed with any of them. She was duped by them before so now they are doing these twelve trials. The four Knights have three tasks each that they have to perform for Val in order to show her that she can trust them. I like that idea.

The struggle at Evergreen is not over yet though. There is now a stalker that goes by Ace that is sending threatening texts to Val. This person has something on Val and is blackmailing her into doing things she does not want to do. Each thing is worse than the last.

The book ends in another explosive cliffhanger and there are still more mysteries to be solved. It seems like it still may all hinge on who are the spades and having the entire school stand up for what is right. However, Val and the knights still have secrets that haven’t been exposed to the entire school so who mows what will happen next.


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