Broken (Evergreen Academy, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Broken by Ruby Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

They broke me. Ryder, Maverick, Ezra, and Jaxson didn’t think I would come back for my second year.

The coldly cruel knights of Evergreen believed the Mark would be all it took to get rid of me… to keep me quiet.

But now I’ve got a whole new reason to stay. Those four will know a pain far worse than what I’ve endured. 

They tore me apart until there was nothing left… and now I’m going to return the favor.


Valentina turns the tables on her bullies and the school!

The story in this book as good as the first in the series, maybe even better since a lot of the questions got answered. Many, though not all of the secrets came out. Though there are still a few mysteries left. He thing I liked most about this book is that the heroine, Val, decides to go on the offensive. Though I had hoped for a bit more romance, but I think that will come in the next book.

Valentina always withstood the bullies and from the very first knew that she was not going to give up and quit school because it was her way out of the slums and the way she will support her family in the future. Though the Knights did break her about as much as they possibly could at the end of book one which was also the end of her Freshman year.

Nobody at school expects her to return, but Val is not only returning, but returning with a warning that she is coming for the Knights and the Diamonds. The Diamonds are the top girls in the school. Val also has a few others on her list including the school itself since the teachers and administrators ignored the bullying that went on since she was marked.

The mysterious spades are also on her list. The spades are the group that marked her in the first place and everyone at the school from the Headmaster to the teachers, the Knights and the entire student body is so afraid of being marked along with her that they either bully her whether they want to or not or ignore the bullying that goes on in the school.

I really liked the story, though as of yet there hasn’t been much romance. Val had a bit of a crush at the beginning of the first book on a few of the boys and some attraction and kissing in this book but not much more than that. Through I really liked the ending.


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