Possessive Boss. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Possessive Boss by B.B. Hamel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

I’ll take her. Keep her. Never let her go.

Make her feel every inch of my greed for her.

Even if it costs my business and my best friend.

When sweet Valerie walks into my office, I know she’s getting the job.

Plump lips, wide doe eyes, gorgeous auburn hair, she’s the kind of woman I notice.

The kind of woman a man could devoted himself to.

First though, she needs to give herself to me, every inch, without any hesitations or reservations.

Though things are never so simple. When I realize she’s investigating my partner for laundering mob money, I almost throw her out on the street.

Except the way she so willingly gets down on her knees makes me need to keep her.

I’ll help her investigation. I’ll find out if my partner’s working with organized crime.

But only if she lets me take her, every inch of her, whenever I need it.

I’ll possess her. And I’ll help her. And when it’s all finished, I’m keeping her.

Possessive Boss

If you like possessive, dominant, alpha males this is the book for you!

This is another fairly quick and easy read by B.B. Hamel. You can always expect a decent story and a steamy romance in her books though they tend to be extremely popular romance tropes, like this one sing the office romance with the wealthy boss. I enjoyed this book, but there are just a few things that stop me from giving it a full five star review.

As always with B.B. Hamel books, this is a stand-alone, which I love because I am currently in the middle of about thirty series and that is more than enough. However, since I have been getting ARCs from this author recently, I did read her last book Possessive Doctor and the Doctor in that book was from the Uber wealthy Lofthouse family and took his girl Amber to his family home in Virginia where his crazy family lived.

This story was about Jason Lofthouse who is the younger brother of the Doctor and lives in New York, but is opening a new office of his Financial Management Firm in Philadelphia. He is not one of the crazies out for the family fortune since he has his own fortune. Jason owns the firm with a friend Darin that he has known since boarding school.

While interviewing staff for the new office he meets a beautiful woman named Valerie with all the right qualifications for the job plus a fun extra side where she likes the fact that he flirts with her and is not offended by it or feels like it is sexual harassment. Valerie tells him it won’t be a problem if he acts that way if he hires her, which he had gathered since she was checking him out as well. What he doesn’t know is that she is an agent for the SEC and though she is attracted to him, she needs to get hired to check out his partner who is suspected of laundering mob money through the firm.

The story is good and the romance is extremely steamy. Though I do think a few of the scenes are odd like the hiring scene with the sexual harassment talk. And then there is this odd scene where the first time they go out to dinner Valerie forgets her phone and they go back for it just as some homeless looking guy is stealing it.

So Jason chases down the guy as Val yells at him to stop him, but then Jason catches the guy and gets the phone back and then punches the guy, knocking him out. Val is all impressed. I would think he is nuts. I mean I know phones cost a bundle, but they are replaceable. I just thought it was an odd scene. Maybe if the guy was stealing her purse from her person it would have made more sense, but stealing a phone off a table?

Overall the romance is sizzling hot and the storyline about the Mafia and the partner in the financial management firm is very good as well. Though Valerie doesn’t make a very good federal agent, there is a good reason for it, since she was never supposed to be a field agent to begin with. I really like B.B. Hamel books because they are quick and easy reads and you can count on them to be enjoyable.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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